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Welcome to the Tiemann Law Firm

Jelene Tiemann, Attorney

We are a personal injury firm serving greater Sacramento and Northern California that represents injured victims of accidents and wrongful acts.

Client Testimonial

It is hard to put into words the care and dedication that I received from the Tiemann’s. They have been here for me every step of the way and were always available when I had questions or concerns. My husband and I will be forever grateful for everything they have done for us and our family. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and time you have put into my case, we greatly appreciate it and your friendship. We highly recommend this firm and will always be thankful for everything they have done. Thank you so much again.
~ Kim

Our law firm and attorneys have a well-earned reputation for aggressively representing our clients and helping them obtain full justice. At our Firm, you will consult with an experienced lawyer who has represented injured victims throughout Northern California, including Sacramento, Folsom, El Dorado Hills and other communities in the greater Sacramento area. Explore the merits of your case with a free consultation by emailing us or calling 916-999-9000 today.

If you or someone you love has been hurt or died as a result of someone else’s actions, please don’t hesitate to call our office and speak to an attorney. Our initial consultation is free and there is no obligation. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you don’t have a case. If we determine that someone is liable for injuring you and you have suffered damages, under the California law you are entitled to compensation. When you speak with one of our attorneys you will learn valuable information on how to document your injuries and protect your rights.

Serving Accident and Injury Victims in California State and Federal Courts.

Peter Tiemann Attorney

At our firm, you will find top attorneys who are committed to providing aggressive representation for people who have suffered injuries and damages. Our firm has one simple mission. We aim to maximize the compensation available to people who have been injured. When we decide to take your case, that means that we are committed to devoting the time, energy, and the resources needed to make your case a success.

Our lawyers are always willing to meet with our potential clients free of charge and we do not charge any attorney fees unless and until a verdict or settlement is reached. The Law Offices of Peter B. Tiemann have represented clients from routine simple injury accidents to complex lawsuits against the state and local governments.

People often come to us looking for Sacramento auto accident attorneys, but we are not only car accident attorneys but also motorcycle accident or truck accident attorneys and represent people in other areas of injury law. Another common search is for a top wrongful death attorney in Sacramento or Folsom. Whatever your issue, we can help if it is injury litigation. Be sure to view our new television commercials, here.

At The Tiemann Law Firm we focus primarily on Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice cases. You will consult with an experienced lawyer who has represented injured victims throughout Northern California, including Sacramento, Folsom, Roseville, El Dorado Hills and other communities in the greater Sacramento area.

Respected Sacramento Attorneys for Auto Accidents and Other Injuries

Our lawyers offer quality service to our clients and are always available to answer your questions and phone calls in a timely manner. We take the time to learn about our clients and how the injury has affected their lives, which is essential to the ultimate success of there case. Our law firm provides clients the attention they deserve. You will always know the status of your case and can rest assured that you will get the most effective legal representation.

These are just some of our practice areas, all under the rubric of personal injury law. Whatever type of personal injury you may have suffered, consult with one of our Sacramento- or Folsom-based personal injury attorneys in a free consult.

Fighting the Auto or Other Insurance Companies via Litigation

If you have been injured, you may have taken time from work and lost wages. You may have received medical treatment and incurred medical bills. Your medical treatment may be ongoing requiring further follow up care and prescription medication. Your property may be damaged. You may be suffering from physical and emotional pain and the bills and your problems are mounting with no end in site. Most often, the issue occurs in an automobile or car accident litigation case. There, acting as auto accident attorneys, we help you to fight back against the insurance companies. Traveling by car in the Sacramento area can be dangerous, and we have seen many car accidents end up in court. That said, we are not only car accident lawyers but also injury attorneys more generally. Whether your case is one of auto / car or not, you may be up against an insurance company.

You can’t count on the insurance company to help you! Insurance companies are in the business to make money so every time they pay on a claim they are losing money. That is why the insurance company will fight you on every claim made against them for lost wages, medical bills, property damage and physical, mental or emotional injuries.

You need an experienced and aggressive Sacramento injury attorney who will fight for full justice. We fight for maximum compensation for your lost wages, medical bills, property damage, and physical, mental, and emotional injuries.

I talk to injured people all the time who call me 12 to 16 months after the accident wanting me to represent them. I hear the same story. How the insurance agent was initially nice at the beginning. How the insurance agent represented that the insurance company was going to fully compensate them. How the insurance company became difficult when it was time to pay the claim. Even worse, often the insurance company would change the insurance agent multiple times and deny any prior agreements and representations made to the injured party.

We will fight so that you get full recover for all your losses. You can’t depend on the insurance company who is responsible for paying your damages. You will need someone on your side fighting for you.

Document the Evidence for Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

A picture tells a thousand words, and in any litigation documentation is very important. The “value” of a person’s case depends on evidence and proper documentation. If you have been in an accident one of the most important things that you need to do is document the evidence in your case. Keep receipts for any expenses including medications, co-pays, rental cars, or extra help. Take pictures of the damage to your property including pictures of both the interior and exterior of your car. Take pictures of the area where the accident occurred including any intersections, faulty hand rails or stairs, or collapsed decks. Take pictures of any defective products.

Whether your accident occurred in Sacramento or a surrounding community such as Rancho Cordova, Fair Oaks, or Carmichael matters only in the sense of location. Gather evidence is the most important first step towards a successful personal injury lawsuit. A free consultation with one of our Folsom attorneys or Sacramento lawyers is your first step towards professional guidance in your litigation.

You should always take pictures of your injuries including any bruising, marks, cuts, stitches, scars, or wounds. It is best to take pictures of your injuries when they are fresh and then take additional pictures as your injuries heal. Take pictures of any medical devices you may be using including any casts, slings, crutches or wheel chair.

Our Locations

We have helped clients in all types of accident and injury cases, including wrongful death, automobile collisions, slip and falls, premise liability, medical malpractice and product liability cases. We have two Northern California locations to serve you. 2386 Fair Oaks Blvd., Sacramento, CA and 620 Coolidge Dr #165, Folsom, CA.

Call us at 916-941-7300 or 916-999-9000 or contact an experienced Sacramento CA Personal Injury & Insurance Attorney to get your FREE case consultation.

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  • About Tiemann Law Group
    The Tiemann Law Firm brings together two of the best Sacramento lawyers, Jelena Tiemann and Peter Tiemann, to represent victims of accidents, injury, and wrongful death. While well known as top Sacramento car accident attorneys, our lawyers represent victims in DUI wrongful death or injury lawsuits, pedestrian accidents, dog attacks and even slip-and-fall or other types of injury including product liability. People come to the Tiemann Law Firm not only from Sacramento but also surrounding cities such as FolsomRoseville, El Dorado Hills, and Rosemont in Northern California. Your best first step is to reach out to us by phone or email for a free consultation.